30+ storage units damaged by floods in Kalaeloa

30+ storage units damaged by floods in Kalaeloa

KALAELOA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Recent heavy rains flooded more than 30 to 35 large storage pods full of families' belongings in Kalaeloa.

A spokesman for the storage company PODS told Hawaii News Now the about three percent of its storage units on Kitty Hawk Street on land that was formerly Barber's Point Naval Air Station flooded two weeks ago during bad weather.  But one couple who fears they've lost most of their belongings told HNN they weren't notified until just a few days ago.

"It's pretty devastating because that's everything we had," said Nicole Hall.

She and her husband Ken paid PODS $350 a month to keep their storage unit in large white industrial-sized tents at the PODS storage facility in Kalaeloa.

The Halls said the company called on Tuesday to say the storage pod full of the belongings they moved to Oahu from Calgary, Canada in May had been flooded along with more than two dozen others.

But the Halls had to wait two days until PODS could book an appointment with a flood restoration crew to clean it out, they said.

"It's like watching your house burning down and you can't do anything about it," Nicole Hall.

Ken Hall said, "But if they would have notified us to begin with, we would have had a chance to rescue more than what we're going to see today.  Like there's mold from the pictures from two days ago.  The smell, everything in there is going to be wiped out."

PODS local manager Michael Killilea told Hawaii News Now: "It happened to a small portion of our customers.  We're doing everything we can to mitigate the damage."

Killilea said the company hired a flood restoration crew and customers are being allowed to move any salvageable items into clean pods.

He said he did not know if customers who did not purchase insurance from PODS will be compensated for their losses.  Killilea said that decision is up to the corporate office.

Ken Hall said his family spent $16,000 to ship the container from Canada and insured the overseas voyage.  But he said he did not spend the money to insure the storage pod at the Kalaeloa site, because it was supposed to be kept in a climate-controlled facility.

"We chose PODS because it was supposedly climate controlled. I don't consider knee-deep water climate controlled at all," Ken Hall said.  "It's in a large tent with some whirly-bird fans at the top.  I don't think that's climate controlled.  It's certainly not air conditioned, which is what we were led to believe.

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