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HPD unveils new 'Smart 911' system

Acting Maj. Allan Nagata Acting Maj. Allan Nagata
Jessica Rose Jessica Rose
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Honolulu Police Department has unveiled a new system that will give 911 operators more information, more quickly, when an emergency happens.

The system is called Smart 911. Oahu residents can go to a website to fill out a profile with information that could hep in a medical emergency, a fire, or a crime.

When someone calls 911, that information will immediately be available to a dispatcher.

"What happens is your profile comes up, and it's additional data that we may use, especially in a case where the caller is unable to speak, talk, or can't be the sole source of information," said Acting Maj. Allan Nagata of HPD.

The data can include information like how many people live in a home, their names and ages, and whether any of those people have medical conditions. It also can include photographs of those people, and even pets.

Police said a photo could come in handy if an older person goes missing.

"If you have that valuable picture already in, and you have a missing kupuna case, we can forward the information to officers in the field, which benefits everyone, including the missing kupuna," said Nagata.

HPD said residents can put in as much -- or as little -- information as they want. The makers of Smart 911 said the information is stored in a secure database.

"There's no way for 911 centers to look at the information, to search the information," said Jessica Rose of Rave Mobile Safety. "The only time it's ever viewed is when you log in to make changes on the website, or you actually call 911 and it pops up on the dispatcher's screen."

Rose said the system is already being used in 40 other states.

The service is free. You can sign up for a profile by clicking here.

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