Police capture ball python from Pearl City home

Police capture four-foot-long python from Pearl City home

PEARL CITY, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A two-and-a-half foot long python was recovered from a Pearl City home Monday evening.

Police captured the ball python from under a car in the driveway after the owners of the home called to report the snake.

Ball pythons are not considered dangerous, and police were able to capture it quickly and bring it back to the Pearl City sub station. It's currently at the Department of Agriculture.

While non-venomous, experts say the species can cause major harm to Hawaii's environment.

Experts determined the snake is likely only a few years old, but they can grow up to be nine feet long and have a voracious appetite for birds.

It is unclear where exactly the python came from, but police are searching for its owner.

Ball pythons are the most popular snake species to own as pets, but snakes are illegal to own in the state of Hawaii.

The snake will be sent to the mainland for relocation.

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