Waikiki condo manager frustrated by homeless woman who refuses help

Waikiki condo manager frustrated by homeless woman who refuses help

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ena Road is a highly-trafficked area in Waikiki. And on this road is a woman in a wheelchair who has been here, on and off, for several years. And she doesn't seem to want to leave.

The road is part of the intersection with Ala Moana Boulevard, where the Wailana Coffee Shop is on the corner. That's where you'll find the woman, who appears to be one of the chronically homeless.

"She wants to be on her own," said Clifton Johnson, who heads the board of directors for the Wailana at Waikiki condominiums. "Yet she keeps coming back to this property, or she'll move somewhere else, and she'll come back a week or two later."

Johnson said residents and commercial tenants in the 186-unit condo have complained about the woman being outside the property, which also includes the coffee shop, an ABC Store and other businesses. He's also tried to get her help over the past three years.

"I've had my staff here call some women's shelters, and called the city and state to see if we can get her some assistance. And all the agencies said that they've offered her assistance. She refuses help," he said.

Johnson also said he has called police, who tell him they can't do anything because she's on public property, and is in an area not covered by the city's sit-lie ban.

The woman didn't give us her name, but she did tell us why she doesn't go to a shelter.

"They do not take you in a shelter when you cannot stand up and walk, go in and take a shower for yourself and keep clean, and clean up the shelter," she said. "So you would belong in a care home," where she refuses to go.

She also claimed she had a place to stay.

"After I get my medical attention, then I go over with my debit card and I go in the hotel where I have my room, and I'm not out bothering everybody and listening to that guy with slander," she said, referring to Johnson. She also said she was unable to find her debit card.

Johnson says it's a sad situation,  but he doesn't know what else to do.

"Nobody wants to see her just moved to another side of the street," he said. "That's not the answer. She needs help."

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