Hi-Five Athlete(s) of the Week: The Moanalua Trio

Hi-Five Athlete(s) of the Week: The Moanalua Trio

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Girls on the football field?  That's not as strange as it used to sound.  But the position three girls from Moanalua play, is certainly enough to warrant a double take.  Meet Natasha Paleafai, Cynthia Phillip and Kelly Brush.  They are lineman for the Na Menehune.

"When I found out that people didn't think that girls would play, I was like well, we will show them and just play," says Brush.

"I just wanted to do something big my senior year," Phillip added.  "Go big or go home."

For Paleafai football is a family affair.  Her uncle, Tyson Alualu, is a defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

"I've been playing football because of him being a great role model and showing people what he can do," said Paleafai.  "It's a blessing for him to be my uncle."

Phillip and Brush are offensive tackles for the varsity squad, while 9th grader Paleafai starts on both sides of the ball on junior varsity.  All three young women pack a powerful punch earning the respect of their teammates.

"When women come in, you have that stigma that women can't really hang with guys, but they have relatively surprised me," said senior offensive guard Mataio Fatuesi.

It's no surprise that succeeding on the field leads to more success off the field.

"You become a better leader, you can become a better team player and it just develops you as a person positively in that way," Phillip remarked.

Phillip and Brush are done with football after this season, but Paleafai wants to play in college and maybe one day, like her uncle, in professional football.