Ceremony marks the 70th anniversary of WWII's official end

Ceremony marks the 70th anniversary of WWII's official end

Hundreds gathered Wednesday on the very deck where World War II ended 70 years ago to commemorate the anniversary.

Held aboard the USS Missouri, the ceremony was filled with all the formalities of a military proceeding.  It wasn't just to honor those who died but to pay tribute to those still living.  There were 10 World War II Missouri crew members who attended. All are now in their 80's and 90's.  One man was even wearing the uniform he wore 70 years ago.

The decommissioned USS Missouri was anchored in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945 when the treaty ending the war was signed.  The pens used by Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz and General MacArthur were brought to Hawaii for the ceremony.

Admiral Scott Swift, Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet encouraged everyone to remember those who died in history's most destructive war, " All guard an enduring peace that has allowed former enemies to become friends."

Hawaii's Congressional delegation also participated, "The greatest generation not only taught us about collective sacrifice and courage, it also showed us that the United States is the indispensable nation, always needed as a force for peace and stability," said U.S. Senator Brian Schatz, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The Mighty Mo, which is now called the Battleship Missouri Memorial, overlooks the Arizona Memorial which sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The museums pay tribute to the start and end of World War II and serve as reminders of the lasting friendship formed between the nations.

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