EXCLUSIVE: Thieves use concrete saw to break into Kaneohe ATM

EXCLUSIVE: Thieves use concrete saw to break into Kaneohe ATM

KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Surveillance cameras capture thieves as they break into Tropical Farms, macadamia nut farm outlet, just outside Kaneohe around 4:30 Tuesday morning.

The family who owns the business believes it's an inside job because the criminals got through the gated parking lot without breaking any locks. But they did break one of the cameras.

"This was obviously someone who had been here before or had knowledge of the area. So it makes you wonder and feel less safe," said employee Kalena Paty.

The video shows one of the crooks covered head to toe and with gloves trying to pry open a cash register. When that and another one turn up empty, they set their sights on the ATM just around the corner. You can see sparks fly as they use an industrial saw, one that's used to cut concrete with, to access the machine's money compartment.

Paty says she's stunned at their brazen attempt to steal from her and her family.

"They immediately went to work trying to saw open the ATM and it took them a good 25 minutes to saw it open but they were successful and took all the money in there," Paty said.

Eventually they got what they came for and escape with thousands of dollars in cash.

Ironically, Paty said the machine was just stocked, which adds to the family's suspicion of who had inside knowledge.

"You know it's a personal hit on our family. This isn't like a Walmart. This is a local business. You know it's disturbing, it's not okay," she said.

The crooks were there for about 40 minutes, alarms going off the entire time, before they got away.

The family hopes they are caught before the next brazen attempt which could turn up even worse. They say this is the second break-in they've had in a month.

If you have any tips, call Honolulu police.

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