Auditor: Hawaii Health Connector wasted $11M

Auditor: Hawaii Health Connector wasted $11M

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The troubled Hawaii Health Connector is being blasted again by the state auditor for wasting millions of dollars through sloppy hiring.

The audit released on Tuesday said the Connector's former executive director relied on personal recommendations rather than professional judgement to choose a small, D.C. area contractor as a consultant. The auditor said the hiring of "Mansha Consulting … was hasty, inept, and wasted more than $11 million in taxpayer moneys."

The wasted money was federal grants for the start-up of the connector, which helped about 40,000 uninsured people and small businesses buy health insurance.

It is now in the process of being shut down and replaced by the federal government. The executive director who made the questionable decisions left the Connector just as it began services.

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