September air capacity up 3.4% from 2014

September air capacity up 3.4% from 2014
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Airlines will fly 3.4% more seats to Hawaii in September as new capacity from San Francisco and Seattle offsets fewer seats from Los Angeles.

The monthly tally from the state is 882,325 seats, an increase of more than 28,000 seats from last year, with capacity up significantly to Kona and Kahului but down to Kauai. Kona will get 4,000 more seats, up 10% while Kahului, with triple the visitor volume, will get 17,000 more seats, up 11%.

Capacity from Japan will be up 5.5% from last year, or 9,000 seats, as more capacity through Narita offsets fewer seats from Haneda, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

Overall international capacity this month will be up 6.1% as more seats from Canada, Brisbane and Beijing offset declines from Seoul and Melbourne.

Air China adds three flights from Beijing this month, for a total of 16, and Hawaiian has 13, up one, while China Eastern has 20 flights from Shanghai, also up one. Taiwan's China has 39 flights, nine nonstop from Taipei and 30 that flew through Narita and are counted as part of Japan capacity.

Australian capacity now includes 47 Hawaiian Airlines flights, 48 Jetstar flights, and 21 Qantas flights. Service from Auckland, New Zealand, is flat with 17 Air New Zealand and 13 Hawaiian Airlines flights.

LAX remains the single busiest airport sending flights to Hawaii, with 890 this month, but that's down from 966 last year, including 33 fewer flights to Maui. The seat count from LAX is 187,000, down 11,000 from September last year, including 5,000 fewer to Maui, 1,000 fewer to Kauai, and 1,000 fewer to Kona (partly offset from about 400 more seats on the United service from LAX to Hilo.)

San Francisco is busier, though. SFO is sending 358 flights this month, up 53 from last year, which works out to about 80,000 seats, up 11,000. United is the big player here: it has almost 300 flights from SFO to four islands, 25 more than last year. Hawaiian has 120 flights from SFO, Oakland and San Jose, including 60 new flights to Maui. Alaska doesn't fly from SFO to Hawaii but has more than 160 flights from Oakland and San Jose. Delta has stopped flying from San Francisco to Hawaii, though it only had five flights last year in the corridor, while American stopped flying the corridor years ago.

Seattle capacity is up about 15%, with 60,000 seats from SeaTac, an increase of 8,000 from last year. Hawaiian has 60 flights this month from SeaTac, half to Honolulu and half to Kahului, same as last year, while Alaska Airlines has more than 200 flights from SeaTac to four islands, 17 more than last year. Delta has 88 flights from SeaTac, two-thirds to Honolulu and the rest to Kahului, up 26 from last year, with all of the new capacity going to Maui.

There are small increases in capacity from San Diego and Portland. Capacity is little changed from airports east of the Rockies.

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