Sunrise on the Road - Waipahu at Hawaii's Plantation Village

We are "On The Road" to Waipahu at the Historic Hawaii's Plantation Village.

We will be talking about some of issues affecting the area like rail and homelessness.

We'll also be looking at the history of the area.

Some of Hawaii's most famous boxers like the original "Hawaiian Punch" Jesus Salud and Brian Viloria came out of the Waipahu Boxing Club.

Don't forget all of the good places to eat ... like Tanioka's.

Some guest include:

Jesus Salud

Mayor Caldwell

Dan Grabauskas

Rush Soccer Team

Waipahu High School representatives

City Councilman - Brandon Elefante

Hercules Huihui - Waipahu Community Association

Sato's Kitchen

Kawano's Store

History of Waipahu YMCA

Tanioka's - Special Giveaway

Hawaii's Plantation Village