Crowdfunding to cool Oahu’s schools

Crowdfunding to cool Oahu's schools

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Center for Tomorrow's Leaders is a non-profit organization in Honolulu that recognizes, then cultivates leadership skills in students. Fahrenheit 73 is a prime example.

That's the project name a group of five students chose.

"What we found that was the optimum learning environment was 73 degrees Fahrenheit which is what inspired our name," said Eunica Escalante, a group member.

But many schools have temperatures far above that. Temperatures in the 90's are normal for places like Campbell High School

"We just thought that this was completely absurd to us," added Kennth Go, another group member.

While the State Department of Education is still grappling with the question of how to cool classrooms, the group set out to do it themselves.

And they did.

They managed to crowdfund $20,000 to have a solar A/C unit installed at Campbell High School. 

"We would collaborate and figure out what we need to do for that week and set a new meeting later on to just check where we were that week" described Noah Faurot.

This is how it went for months, until they were ready to launch the campaign.

"It was scary, but then once we started to work with the community and our fellow students it became a really exciting and fun new venture," admitted Escalante.

Above all else, it was a successful one.  The new solar A/C unit is set to be installed this fall.

"It's inspiring for us as adults to see students something that I could have done in a two month time span," said Katie Chang, Executive Director of the Center.

While it was only a project, the group is hoping it exists in some form of perpetuity, so others can carry on the mission.

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