13-year-old Keon Morgan races up Koko Head Stairs in under 14 minutes

13-year-old Keon Morgan races up Koko Head stairs in under 14 minutes

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Every weekend the Morgan Family gathers at the Koko Head Stairs for a morning workout.  It's become a friendly competition for the race to the top, but 13-year old Keon has stepped it up a notch.

"Solo [Keon's older brother] always try to get in front of me, but I'm like, no I am going to get their first...then my dad always slows down cuz he is old," said Keon Morgan. 

Most people I have talked to today say they can get to the top of the stairs in anywhere between 20 to 35 Minutes...Keon Morgan says he can do it in under 15.  So we put the Kapolei Middle School student to the test. clocking his run up the more than one thousand steps.   Morgan not only made good on his word- he beat his old time by more than a minute finishing in 13 minutes 58 seconds.

"For that age, that's amazing because it takes a lot of mental strength, not just physical endurance and for a kid to have that kind of mental strength, it's pretty impressive," said Waikiki resident Mike Hann.  Hann has been running the Koko Head Stairs for 10 years and says it took him a long time to get to get close to the pace of Morgan. 

 When he does things like this and he achieves these first up and stuff like that it adds to his confidence and he wants now to become this elite performer," said Keon's mother Lynn. 

So, remember his face, and his feet, Keon Morgan may just be an 8th grader now, but who knows where he could be high stepping-it in the near future!