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Mililani residents clean up while land owner tries to prevent another flash flood from sweeping through homes

MILILANI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Thunder, lightening, and heavy rain down poured in Mililani on Wednesday a day after a flash flood swept through several homes. 

Residents are still cleaning up the mess as the land owner tries to prevent another flash flood. 

"We are restoring the swale where the water should be going when we have storm events," said owner of Southern Turf Hawaii Danny Green.

"But there was some gardening going on in there and raised the level of the swale and the berms were lowered on the outside," he said.

A trench Green dug up Wednesday is now full of reddish-brown water because of the heavy rain they had that day. If it wasn't for the new trench, homeowners fear the same thing would have happened again.

Pua Navares says she watched the flash flood from the beginning.

"It was literally minutes...and then it came...and I looked at my neighbor's, the river was just going down, like the Ala Wai was in his garage, like up to my knees, I couldn't even help him," she said.

The torrent of reddish-brown runoff swamped two streets Tuesday night,  ruining homes, sending some homeowners' belongings down the roadway. 

Some homeowners said they are very pleased and thankful Green is trying to fix the problem. 

However, both the landowner and homeowners agree something long term need to be done so it doesn't happen again.

"We're just wondering because we know more rain is to come so we're just wondering what's going to happen," Navares said. 

"At this point were just trying to get done before any more rain comes," said Green.

Green said they just purchased the land in October of last year so they're trying to fix a problem that's been going on for decades. He did not say whether the homeowners will be compensated.

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