Holloway ready for next challenge, in Hawaii or elsewhere


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Back in Hawaii just two days after his first-round TKO victory over Charles Oliveira at Fight Night 74 in Canada, Waianae's Max Holloway is already looking forward to his next fight, even if it doesn't happen in Aloha Stadium.

"In the UFC, it's never a great idea to wait around," Holloway told Hawaii News Now on Wednesday morning.

Holloway didn't have to wait around much before winning the main event on Sunday; Oliveira succumbed to an injury at the 1:39 mark of the first round, and an unscathed Holloway was declared the winner by technical knockout.

Oliveira, who had appeared to suffer an unspecified shoulder or collarbone injury, was taken out of the ring on a stretcher and transported to an area hospital, where he remained until being discharged on Tuesday. Initial reports indicated that Oliveira may have suffered a partially torn esophagus, though a statement released by the UFC on Tuesday indicated that the Brazilian had not suffered any major injury to his shoulder, neck, or throat.

Holloway, who asked the crowd to pray for Oliveira in the moments after the fight, knows that injuries happen in the octagon. He just hopes they're severe enough to warrant the end of the fight.

"Only time can tell. We'll see what is the follow up from his own doctor, and we'll see what happens," Holloway said. "Like I said, we have to go and wait for the results. And I can't wait. If the results come back and he has nothing, that's really selfish of a person to do that. You've got a lot of people who paid good money to see us, you know, and I gave up a good chunk of my life, staying away from my family, being in the gym."

Oliveira was to be reexamined by a doctor after returning home to Brazil.

Despite the short fight, Holloway says the experience in Saskatoon, where the crowd was overwhelmingly in his favor, strengthened his desire to host a fight in Aloha Stadium.

"I tell you this right now, it felt like I was in Hawaii," Holloway said. "It felt like I was in the Blaisdell. I think the outcome was a little bit more than 7,200 people, and I felt like (every one of them) was screaming my name in there. It was just crazy, it felt like Hawaii, and that's why I'm doing that big push for UFC Hawaii."

Holloway has encouraged fans to tweet @DanaWhite and the @UFC using the hashtag #UFCHawaii, in order to showcase Hawaii's willingness to host a big-time fight.

"I feel like it's a matter of time," Holloway said. "They was never going to go to Dublin, but this Connor McGregor hype comes, and McGregor got his countrymen behind him, and look what happened."

For now, Holloway knows his next fight probably won't be in Aloha Stadium. Unless there is an injury, it won't be against McGregor, either; he's slated to fight top-ranked Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in December. Still, Holloway says he's ready for his next fight, which he hopes is on the same day as the Aldo/McGregor bout.

"I want to try to get on that December (UFC 194) card with Connor and Aldo and just be ready," Holloway says. "The only guy who makes sense right now is probably only Jeremy (Stephens). He's the only guy with a win streak right now. The guys above me is all booked up, so we'll see what happens. I want to fight on that December card, and try to push for UFC Hawaii again."

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