Rain water swamps garage in Piikoi condo

Rain water swamps garage in Piikoi condo

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - At mid-morning, firefighters were still pumping water from the underground parking level of Piikoi Plaza.  Sediment stained vehicles were stuck in their stalls. The seats in Doug Sakamoto's Mazda were soaked.

"I think it got up pretty high.  Everything is wet inside," he said.

Rainwater and runoff poured into the garage overnight.  The water level rose over the wheel wells of Jayson Tsukayama's SUV.

"The electronics are probably gone," he said.  "If there's any kind of water around the motor, it'll probably never be the same."

The Honolulu Fire Department handled more than 40 dispatches for flooding, including the Piikoi building.  911 calls started at 2 a.m.  At 3 a.m. phones at MD Restoration began ringing.  The water removal company responded to 60 emergencies.

"Extract all the water. Dry everything up. And start on the repair process which might include flooring, drywall, painting, cabinetry. It all depends on what's been effected." Mark Harris said.

A section of wall in Ala Moana Park crumbled. Kapiolani Park was a lake. Across the island, the rain flooded homes and buildings.

"It was very abnormal to have this amount of rain and this amount of work," Harris said.

The flooded Piikoi street garage was a rude awakening for tenants.  They spent the morning calling their insurance companies

"I called them and they said you got to take pictures, and the agent will call you in one or two days," Tsukayama said.

"I have the basic coverage, so they very bluntly said nothing is covered.  So I have no recourse, basically," Sakamoto said.

The water that poured into the parking lot cracked a glass door that leads to the elevator entrance, overwhelmed a drain pipe, and transplanted a school of tilapia that got trapped in the flow of the flood.

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