Laniakea barriers removed, ‘no parking’ signs installed

Laniakea barriers removed, ‘no parking’ signs installed

LANIAKEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The barriers blocking parking at Laniakea are gone, but the battle over access rages on.  The State Department of Transportation installed signs in place of the concrete slabs.

"No parking, stopping, standing, loading and unloading signs have been installed to prevent people from parking here" said DOT Spokesman Tim Sakahara.

A demonstration was held opposite the roadwork Monday morning, as crews used a lift to move the barriers mauka of the roadway, re-opening a large swath of land that could prove tempting for passing motorists.

Installed in December 2013, the barriers have been a point of contention not only between the state and community stakeholders, but members of the community as well.  Some see the barriers as a positive, as they've lead to an increase the flow of traffic.  Others argue it illegally blocks access to the beach.  Both sides agree, no long term solution seems present.

Even the DOT admits it's more focused on the short term.  Currently, it's sending a permit application to the City.

"They'll consider whether or not that permit is accepted or denied.  If it's accepted, the barriers will be moved back".  In the interim, the DOT will monitor the situation to see how traffic flow is going, and to see if anyone is parking illegally. 

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