Barriers to come down, signs to go up at Laniakea

Barriers to come down, signs to go up at Laniakea

HALEIWA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As first reported by Hawaii News Now, the barriers opposite Laniakea Beach are scheduled to come down Monday, August 24.

You still won't be able to park there, though. The State Department of Transportation will be installing 'no parking' signs in the area.

"We're disappointed. We think the State isn't acting in the spirit of the court's order," said attorney Bill Saunders.

Saunders says the state's latest tactic of preventing parking at Laniakea beach is more of the same, only different.

"Even though the barriers will be removed, and physically people would be able to park there, they would be parking at their own risk and risking a citation," said DOT spokesman Tim Sakahara.

The State says it is acting in the spirit of the order, because parking has technically never been legal in the area.  It also points to what it says has been a success.

"It's shown it has improved safety in the area, it's reduced congestion in the area.  So the barriers have worked," Sakahara said.

Saunders disagreed, stating  "simply keeping the barriers in place is just a band-aid."

He says the DOT isn't keeping its eye on the ball, and that the real issue isn't merely traffic flow, but public access.

"They don't realize under the law they're required to consider coastal access management issues. They testified they didn't do that, all they did was find out if they needed an SMA permit."

Saunders concedes without a unified community solution, this fight won't end anytime soon.

As for the public? Expect more of the same...only different.
"On Monday, parking still won't be allowed, only signs will be enforcing it instead of the barriers," noted Sakahara.

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