Business Report - 8.19.15 European Migrants

Business Report - 8.19.15 European Migrants

Europeans worry about Greece, and Ukraine, sure. But this summer they're more worried about African refugees taking their lives into their hands to seek better lives in Europe.

I was surprised at the uneven distribution of migrant arrivals, so I thought I'd show you which countries have the biggest problems with this.

The country with more newly-arrived immigrants than any other - indeed two or three times as many - is Germany - 200,000 migrants, so many, one official says they'd have to build a new apartment building every day to handle them all.

The surprising second, because of its welcoming immigration laws, is Sweden, with 80,000, enough that Sweden is starting to experience a lot of Trumpian build-a-wall political sentiment it never had before.

Italy is next with 70,000 migrants, mainly because a lot of migrants are sailing across the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean is narrowest between Tunisia and Sicily.

France is next with 60,000, including those thousands of refugees in Calais, the southern terminus of the Chunnel, who have made several unsuccessful attempts to get into the rail tunnel and walk it to England.

Hungary has 40,000 and Britain has 30,000, with Greece just behind. But as this plainly shows, from an economic point of view, Germany faces the biggest challenge here.