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Collin Harmon

Like so many in my line of work, the dream was to be a pro athlete.  Hockey, baseball, golf, any of them would do.  Born in Southern California to a beach family, volleyball was always in my roots.  Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, a volleyball state championship was the highlight of an otherwise average playing career.    I realized there was no going pro in my future, so what better alternative than to talk about sports for a living?  That led me to Colorado and CU-Boulder, and a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

 The Rocky Mountains gave way to the harsh winters of Montana and my first stop in Great Falls where I had a chance to sit down with sports icons like Eric Dickerson and Rafael Palmeiro.  One year later, I traded in the Big Sky for the Pac-12 and Marcus Mariota mania in Eugene, Oregon.

From covering the Ducks run to the national championship game to Mariota’s historic Heisman campaign, I’ve seen quite the Hawaii-to-Eugene pipeline develop with Oregon’s rise to prominence.  Now the pipeline brings me to the islands.

I'm thrilled to join the Hawaii News Now team and enjoy life in paradise.  When I'm not working, you can find me in the ocean or a greenside bunker.

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