Business Report: The expose on

Business Report: The expose on

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The New York Times interviewed a LOT of current and former Amazon employees - including a former HR director who confirmed an annual culling of the workforce so only the most gung-ho remain. The article describes people getting poor reviews because they didn't work their usual 80 hours a week while battling cancer or caring for sick relatives. Bezos says it's not the Amazon he knows and if he worked for such a company he would leave.

Well, surprise, J.B.: your employees DO leave. Half are gone within a year.

Even if we assume they were culled from the herd, it's rare for the rest to stay longer than five years.  And when they DO leave, they take their gung-ho attitude to competitors.

Let's face it: hard-charging executives are not noted for their introspection. When good people leave, it's easy to smugly assume you're better off without them. Amazon's top brass have a laser-sharp awareness of what's wrong with other corporate cultures, combined with a remarkable naivete about what's wrong with their own.

Bezos himself? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he simply confuses what works, with what works for him.

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