Local Connection: Classroom air conditioning

Local Connection: Classroom air conditioning

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Last week Hawaii News Now reported on a classroom at Kalaheo High School where the teacher reports the classroom was 108 degrees.

108 degrees.

We expect it won't be long that teachers, advised by their doctors and protected by their union, simply declare the classrooms unsafe and walk off the job.

This problem has become a symbol for the lack of creativity and flexibility that is typical of our massive state department of education. This problem has simmered for years. If you'll pardon the pun.

It's so pathetic for the kids in those sweltering classrooms that a group of teens from several private schools, who don't have this problem, decided to raise money to put air conditioning at Campbell High school. Calling themselves Fahrenheit -73 they got the job done in just a few months.

Meanwhile the DOE announced it is provide some relief to Campbell, which has both heat and overcrowding problems, by moving air conditioned portables from the big island.

It's a shame no one thought of that six months ago, by the time they get installed, it will be winter.

That didn't prevent the DOE from patting itself on the back with a press release declaring it came up with such a creative solution.

It looks to us like those innovative teenagers could teach the DOE a few things about creative problem solving. They certainly taught us all a lesson about selfless giving and compassion.

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