Hikers rescued in Central and East Maui

Hikers rescued in Central and East Maui

MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - By: Taylor Preza

Two separate rescues have been made in Maui after calls were made to the Maui Fire Department Friday night.

In East Maui, a 43-year-old male had been rescued Saturday morning from the top of the Commando Trail after he suffered a 70-foot fall. The hiker was trying to scale the sides of a 150-foot waterfall before he fell into the pond below.

The initial call was made by a friend who was supposed to be picked up from work after the 43-year-old was finished with the hike. The friend caught a different ride home and later found the hiker's car still parked at the trail. The call was made to crews at around 7 p.m..

After going out on a slippery, untraveled route, crews found the injured hiker at the bottom of the waterfall, where he was unable to walk.

Due to the risky dark and rainy conditions, rescue personnel stayed with in place with the injured hiker overnight. At first light, crews arrived and flew them out at 6 a.m., Saturday morning. The hiker was treated by medics on scene and was then transported to Maui Memorial Medical Center where he is in stable condition.

Another rescue has been made in Central Maui on Friday night after a 46-year-old male from Kihei was trapped from high stream water in Waihee Valley.

Firefighters were called to the scene at around 6 p.m.

Air 1, which was fighting a brushfire in West Maui at the time, redirected to the rescue call.

As the pilot descended from over the West Maui mountains, he spotted the male hiker trapped above a stream on the Waihee Valley trail.

The hiker was airlifted to safety at Waihee School Park where he was found to be uninjured.

He was hiking alone in Waihee Valley and became stranded above the 2nd swinging bridge by swift moving stream water. He made an attempt to cross the stream but retreated after he was unable to cross.

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