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Pono in Paradise: Fermented Foods

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

For this week's Pono in Paradise, we are talking about fermented food which is a hot trend. They include foods like kimchee, natto, kefir and poi. Registered dietitian from Imua Orthopedics Sports and Health Beth Danowsky appeared on Sunrise to talk about the health benefits of eating these foods. She said they are rich in the "good" bacteria in your intestines and help with digestion.

She offered up her own easy-to-make beet kvass. An Eastern European dish, some have complained that it's too salty or just too yucky. Beth came up with her own recipe that she believes is delicious. Since it's made with beets, she calls it "beetlejuice." You can find the recipe on her website hbdnutrition.com.

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