Study: Some students getting 3-times the recommended amount of homework

Study: Some students getting 3-times the recommended amount of homework
Jennifer Romano likes to stay on top of her children's school work.  The mother of four says homework for her oldest son started when he was just 3-years-old.
"Every day he would come home with one worksheet," said Romano.
By the time he entered first grade she says he was given about an hour's worth of assignments a night.  Now he's a fourth grader and Romano admits some nights can be really frustrating.
"He got home at 3 p.m. and he didn't finish until maybe 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.," said Romano.
A study from the American Journal of Family Therapy found that first graders who were surveyed spent an average of 28 minutes a night on homework.  That's nearly three times what's recommended by the National Education Association.
Parents of kindergartners reported spending 25 minutes a night on assignments.  The NEA says children that young shouldn't have any homework at all.
The study was posted on Hawaii News Now's Facebook page and generated well over 100 comments in a couple hours.

"A child in school can never have too much homework, I'd rather my child be doing a ton of homework than running around getting into trouble," said Nikki Brown.

"I taught middle school for 30+ years and NEVER gave homework. The kids had plenty of time in class to work where I was there to help," wrote Cheri Hoglund Mitton.

Romano says homework is a good thing.  But believes assignments for elementary aged students shouldn't take hours to complete.
"I think he'd probably do better because then he would have the rest time he needs and the relaxation time," said Romano.

We reached out to Hawaii's Department of Education to get their take on the study.  Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support Assistant Superintendent Suzanne Mulcahy sent us this statement:

"We provide guidance on focusing on relevant studies that will help children enhance their education while not overburdening the student.

Homework is a means to help students maintain or further solidify skills or work on extended projects. It is important for students to develop good study habits as well as time management. There is an expectation for students to complete homework however, the Department gives principals and teachers the freedom to choose how much homework they give to students."

Officials did not comment on the recommended 10-minute rule.

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