Sunrise Shape Up - Joint pain

Sunrise Shape up - Joint pain

Joint pain and old injuries that leave lingering discomfort can be a big obstacle to getting back into a healthy lifestyle. So over the next few weeks, Sunrise Shape Up is going to look at some of the most common issues, how we can manage our past injuries and get back in the swing of things.

A common complaint is collapsing knees/knee pain. As always. Doctor first. Once cleared for exercise, if you still experience pain, here's what we want to do.

Unilateral leg press. Making sure knee is aligned with the hip joint throughout the entire range of motion.

Banded crab walks. Strengthening the abductors, the muscles that pull your leg out to the side, can take a lot of pressure off the knee and go a long way in reducing pain.

Hip/glute strength is another key to reducing pain and risk of knee injury. The safest, most manageable way to start developing that with a hip glute bridge