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Local Connection: Hawaii News Now / Star Advertiser poll on Oahu's homeless crisis

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The people have spoken.

Our Hawaii News Now/Star-advertiser Hawaii poll is the first comprehensive island-wide report on the sentiment of Oahu's public on homelessness. And the results are powerful.

You can see the details yourself on our websites, but suffice it to say, people are angry and frustrated that the homeless crisis has blossomed.

They are also demanding accountability - saying the Governor needs to take the lead on the issue, and rating all our elected officials low on their effectiveness so far.

As we hoped, the poll is adding more fuel to the political issue that will ultimately bring solutions to what many thought was an unsolvable problem.  

The Governor, the Mayor and state and county legislators are telling us that they are moving more quickly on this issue, now that they see that the media and now the people themselves are expecting effective action.

And the public, the residents and voters of this state are the ultimate motivators of our politicians. And they are motivated, finally. 

Part of our job as journalists is to bring the public's voice into our coverage and we are very proud to have done that with this poll.

And we promise there is more to come.

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