Judge OKs $9M for Honolulu military hospital lawsuit

Judge OKs $9M for Honolulu military hospital lawsuit

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - A federal judge has approved a $9 million settlement in a lawsuit over a Hawaii military hospital birth that left the child with cerebral palsy.

Attorneys agreed to the same amount last year but the Department of Justice rejected it.

This agreement will be a cash payment, instead of previous terms of $5 million cash and $4 million over the child's life.

The lawsuit says Noah Whitney was born in 2010 at Tripler Army Medical Center with catastrophic brain injury because of medical negligence.

But lawyers for the Virginia family continue to prepare for trial in case the federal government doesn't approve it again.

One of the attorneys, Michael Livingston, said Monday in court they are using next month's trial date as leverage to help ensure the settlement is approved.

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