Smash and grab burglar snatches six ukuleles from Hilo gift shop

Smash and grab burglar snatches six ukuleles from Hilo gift shop

At 11:30 last Friday night surveillance cameras pick up a shadow.  Seconds later the man lurking outside Joy's Gift Shop smashes his way inside the store.

"We were fast asleep in bed and we get a call from the alarm company followed up by a call from the police," said co-owner Bill Heideman.

When Heideman and his fiance Joy checked the cameras they were surprised.  The man was inside the store for less than 20 seconds. The couple watched the suspect skirt around the counter not even glancing at the cash register. It seems he only wanted one thing: ukuleles.

"It must have been something the perpetrator was interested in or he knew people who would buy those quickly just a fast way to get money," said Heideman.

The man got away with 6 ukuleles.  Average price for one that was stolen is about $250.  All told, Heideman says he's out more than $1200 and that doesn't include the cost of fixing the door.

"Small business is very hard to make a profit and survive.  Yea it's definitely a hit to us and yea we would like to see him pay for his crime," said Heideman.
With the public's help Heideman might get his wish. The hat the suspected crook was wearing wasn't much of a disguise. Cameras positioned throughout the store capture a clear shot of the man's face.

If you have any information about the suspect call Big Island police.

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