Business Report: 8/6/15

Business Report: 8/6/15

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Retailers are preparing for a really important behind-the-scenes rule change on credit card transactions. The way it is now, when a card turns out to be counterfeit, the bank assumes responsibility. Retailers are responsible for purchases on stolen cards. That changes next month. Starting October 1st, banks shifts the entire responsibility for fraud to retailers IF a chip card is used and the retailer doesn't have a chip card reader in operation. Retail Merchants of Hawaii, in partnership with Central Pacific Bank, has a free presentation for retailers Monday morning at Ward Warehouse.

HCDA held its hearing on the tinted windows at the Symphony condo tower, but no decision on the spot; that's now expected next week. Kakaako high-rise windows are supposed to transmit at least half of the light hitting them, but the developer says darker windows mean you run the AC less.

San Francisco-based Fitch Ratings affirms its "A" rating for Hawaiian Home Lands revenue bonds. Rating outlook is stable. Fitch cites an agreement with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs that stabilizes debt service.

Hawaii State, second largest credit union in the islands, reports record loan growth - more than 30% in the second quarter - in raw dollars 573 million, up 79 million - mortgages, personal and auto loans.

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