Surfers take advantage of big waves in East Oahu

Surfers take advantage of big waves in East Oahu

Some are hoping Guillermo brings much-need rain to the islands. But for experienced surfers like Shane Lono, it means big waves!

"We actually wait for this kind of surf. We knew that the tropical storm was heading more north, heading away from us, so we know our families our fine at home and there was gonna be a lot of surf. So everybody's out here having fun," Lono said.

A High Surf Warning is in effect for east-facing shores of the Big Island, Maui, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai due to a swell from Guillermo. The High Surf Warning is in place until 6 a.m. Thursday.

Surfers at Makapuu Beach Park say waves were four to six feet, with 12-foot faces. But first responders and emergency personnel say jumping into this east swell isn't advised and for experienced surfers only.

The Coast Guard is asking folks to stay away from the water as the storm surge comes in because it can be dangerous for swimmers and boaters as well.

"For the mariners in particular, we ask that you secure your vessels. Smaller boats, it may be worth pulling it out of the water and putting it somewhere more protected," said Sara Mooers, Assistant Public Affairs Officer for Coast Guard District 14.

Boater Paul Beyer says he may just ride the storm out.

"Well there are three options. Batten down the hatches and try and ride it out where I'm docked right now or take it three miles out at try to watch everybody else try and deal with storm while I cruise out there. Or the third one is try to find a spot closer to land and tie it down and ride it out there," Beyer said.

While people continue to prep for Guillermo, Ocean Safety crews ask that everyone be vigilant.

"We're actually more concerned with the ledges and the surf is coming up. We have the surf pounding over there by the Lanai Lookout, by the blow hole. We did see people today going over the barriers, going over the walls. We definitely recommend against that. We saw a tragedy from that just last week and we don't wanna any lives lost," said Shayne Enright, Emergency Medical Services Spokeswoman.

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