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Devastation in Saipan after Super Typhoon Soudelor

PC: Brandi Salas PC: Brandi Salas
PC: Joes San Nicolas PC: Joes San Nicolas
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It is the biggest storm so far this year around the globe and it's heading right for Taiwan.

Super Typhoon Soudelor is packing sustained winds of at least 150 miles an hour, with some gusts up to 200 miles an hour.

It slammed into Saipan Sunday night, leaving about 50,000 people without power.

"It has been two days since Typhoon Soudelor came and still the island, has been devastated.  It has been ravaged. It's as if something scraped the island," says Chaminade graduate Joey San Nicolas, who is now the mayor of Tinien, one of the Northern Mariana Islands.  He was in Saipan when the storm hit 

Also there, was former Hawaii resident, Bruce Mailman, "A lot of homes, even homes that were well built suffered a lot of damage."

A medical team from Shriners Hospitals on Oahu was in Saipan for a clinic.  They became first responders even treating a Big Island boy who was injured.

"He was trying to hold the glass sliding doors and it ended up shattered on top of him," says Registered Nurse, Charlyn Caneda, "Both his legs, his hands, and he also had an abrasion or laceration on his chest." 

Because of the devastation the medical team can't return to Hawaii until Friday night.

"There's no electricity, no water, no running water, there's a shortage of food," says Brandi Salas, who lived in Saipan and still has relatives there who say it could be months before the power is restored. Salas now works for the Salvation Army and is trying to help the victims from here in Manoa.

"As soon as I received word that the typhoon hit and (there was) this devastation, we set up a donation page."  Salas says they need money so that workers in Saipan can open a soup kitchen and begin providing food for victims.

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