Business Report 8/3/15: Koch brothers

Business Report 8/3/15: Koch brothers

The Koch brothers financed the Tea Party movement. He spoke at a California for Republicans presidential contenders - Donald Trump *not* invited.

Koch gave a speech that should be studied by Republicans and Democrats alike. Little old political independent me has been telling you the real battle in U.S. society today is not between rich and poor but between super-rich and everybody else;  not business and anti-business, but between huge business and all other business, between megabanks and community banks.

Now here's Charles Koch making essentially the same argument. He railed against corporate welfare and welfare for the rich. He said it's corrupting the business community. He said companies, especially big banks, lobby for subsidies and special preferences.

Creating a permanent underclass *is* bad for everybody, even the short-term beneficiaries, because the rich live on dividends, and for good dividends you need a good economy.

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