City officials say there will be few rules at its newest shelter

City officials say there will be few rules at its newest shelter

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A final list of rules for Hale Mauliola is still in the works.  But city officials say it will be a short one.

"Hale Mauliola is a very lenient place, a very forgiving place. It's a place where people can come and get well," said Department of Community Services Director Gary Nekada.

Nekata says the facility's approach is simple.  There will be fewer barriers so people might be more willing to come.

"We'll bring you in.  You don't have to be clean and sober.  You have your habit.  But once you come in you have to work with us to try and take care of your habit," said Nekada.

The transitional housing facility on Sand Island is expected to open this fall.  It will consist of 25 modular units and can house a total of 39 individuals and 24 couples.  Support services provided by the Institute for Human Services will be onsite.

While they're still working out what the exact policies will be Nekata says he's not opposed to allowing alcohol at the facility.

"We don't want to tell these individuals before you come in the camp get rid of your alcohol and you can't drink alcohol in the camp," said Nekata.

When Hawaii News Now asked what the consequence would be if someone brought drugs into Hale Mauliola, Nekada said, "I think it depends would they have been able to do that on their own in the regular building that they lived in.  I think we're more concerned with is violent behavior.  Or perhaps firearms. Weapons of a deadly nature."

"With the evolving homeless population that is changing they need different options, we definitely need to look at multiple types of shelters," said IHS Director of Community Relations Kimo Carvalho.

With that said Carvalho believes there are drawbacks to having too few rules.

"We do need to think about  when we say rules need to be flexed  These are rules that are non negotiable.  These are rules that help any individual adapt in a normal society that we all have to abide to," said Carvalho.

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