Govs stay optimistic despite adversity

Govs remain optimistic despite adversity

Every afternoon, more than 100 football players from Farrington High School can be seen jogging down Kalihi street,to the fields by Kalakaua Middle School -- where the team has been left to practice.

The Governors, who haven't played a *real* home game for decades....can't *work out* at the school either, while a long overdue multi-year ... multi million dollar renovation is underway.

It's something that's been particularly hard on the seniors.

"I was kind of hoping to play on the field for my senior year and be the first ones to play there but hoping that our underclassmen can just do work and just straight grind on top of our new field."

The new field is nearly a year away from completion. In the meantime, the players are forced to lace up and make the half mile run to practice.

Despite the obvious inconvenience, head coach Randall Okimoto has somehow found a silver lining in the Govs current situation.

"What an easy job for us as far as teaching adversity because if they forget something, you can't just go back to the locker room so it teaches a lot of responsibility."

There hasn't been a football game held at Farrington since the early 90's, but junior quarterback Bishop Rapoza is looking forward to being a member of the first team to take the new field in Kalihi. 
"It's a big deal for us, some of these boys over here we haven't experience playing in stadiums and stuff so I think it would increase the amount of people who would support us."