Hikers turned away at Hanauma Bay ridge trail

Hikers turned away at Hanauma Bay ridge trail

HANAUMA BAY, OAHU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - It's another popular, scenic East Oahu hike.  The Hanauma Bay ridge trail is also one of the safer, easier ones given the paved path leading to the top of the ridge.

"It's one of only a few hikes where I can take a stroller or him in a sling that is dangerous," said Erin Lacuesta, with her four month old son strapped to her chest.

"It's beautiful, awesome," said Avegayle Ilanan, who along with her pal Charee Roden, hiked the trail.

"It's just a different world, you don't see this anywhere else."

The problem is, while it's not dangerous, it is illegal.  Hawaii News Now has learned of multiple hikers being turned away and threatened with $500 dollar fines for trespassing.

It's a common refrain on the island: balancing public access with public safety. Landowners face liability issues for anyone who is injured on their property.  Restricting access means minimizing liability, even if it's unpopular.

"I think for anybody that's local we should be able to go anywhere on the island, we shouldn't have any restrictions," said Lacuesta.

Despite the locks, gates, signs --- and fines --- Lacuesta said it's worth the risk.

"I guess I'll just take my chances."

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