Local Connection: Governor David Ige

Local Connection: Governor David Ige

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's now been nearly eight months that David Ige has been governor, and we've tried to give the soft-spoken chief executive the benefit of the doubt.

We gave him the benefit of doubt as he let his land director nominee face a storm of opposition - only to pull him back after months of political damage. We gave him the benefit of the doubt as he seemed to waffle on the 30-meter-telescope…until there was anarchy on Maunakea.

And now we give him the benefit of the doubt as he seems downright uninterested in the homeless crisis.

We're told that Governor Ige is not a talker but a doer, a master behind the scenes, building consensus, and finding solutions.

Maybe he is, but it's hard to continue to suspend our doubts while it seems his favorite tactic is procrastination. Time and time again we are told there is a plan in the works that he's communicating with stakeholders, which sounds like another word for political insiders.

Sorry, Governor, but that's not leadership. You need to communicate with more than just so-called stakeholders. You need to communicate with us, the people of Hawaii.

A leader doesn't have to have all the answers, and doesn't have to be a great speaker. But he should be able to articulate the challenges, and walk us through his decision-making process.  That way we know he is in charge and not being controlled by someone else.

That kind of leadership gives us confidence that the state is in good hands. Right now, we have more doubts than confidence.

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