Nanakuli residents looking for answers after weekend of traffic gridlock

Nanakuli residents looking for answers after weekend of traffic gridlock

NANAKULI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - "We don't use that much water we weren't that affected," said Nanakuli resident Bruno Stempel.

Water restrictions weren't too much of a concern Monday for the people who live along Farrington Highway. What's top of mind is traffic.

"It was unbelievable," said Stempel.

"My parents were trapped in the traffic like over 2 and a half hours just getting from Makaha to back here," said Nanakuli resident Kawena Holu.

The problems started Saturday when a 24-inch water transmission line ruptured. The Board of Water Supply crews made it worse when they accidentally hit a sewer line delaying repairs.

Meantime drivers were left in the lurch. Folks who ride the bus had to deal with another issue when Honolulu Police Department made the call to keep buses from using the only alternate route.

Mike Formby with Department of Transportation Services says the way things were coned off police believed some of the turns would have been just to tight. Formby says he's meeting with PD officials this week to discuss decisions that were made.

"We think that there's a better way to handle buses going over the bridge to facilitate the flow of traffic so HPD is going to work with me. They've got an open mind. They're not committed. to keep buses off the bridge in the future," said Formby.

People who live on the west side say accidents like the one over the weekend will continue to happen. But the way it's dealt with needs to change.

"A secondary road. Schofield, the army needs to get on board. and somehow give the property over or make access roads," said Stempel.

Board of Water Supply officials say that the water is safe to drink but ask that residents use it sparingly until restrictions are lifted.

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