Motorcycle clubs worried about string of thefts across Oahu

Motorcycle clubs worried about string of thefts across Oahu

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Oahu motorcycle clubs are worried about a recent string of thefts across the island.

"West side, downtown, everywhere in between," said Johnny Web, president of the NSX club. "One of the other vice presidents from one of the clubs here, the guys are getting to the point of being so brazen that they walked into his garage and took it out of his garage. Middle of daylight."

According to some clubs, about a dozen bikes have been stolen in the span of a month.

Club members have reached out to Honolulu police, but all the motorcycles are still missing. And they say the crimes are happening all across the island.

"People put thousands of dollars in it and it's a lot of money so I guess who ever is doing it, they're doing it to sell the parts to whoever, off island or whatever," said Stormy Graham, president of Full Tilt Riders.

Members also say they no longer feel safe due to reckless or malicious drivers running them off the road. They're urging drivers to pay attention and to be careful.

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