Kaimuki home filled to ceiling with trash; Cleanup to take longer than planned

Kaimuki home filled to ceiling with trash; Cleanup to take longer than planned

KAIMUKI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The cleanup of a Kaimuki residence will continue into next week as the contractor hired to do the work reported worse conditions than anticipated in the dwelling.

Pacific Junk Removal began the work on Tuesday at 1115 2nd Ave. and hauled away 10.67 tons of trash, debris and greenwaste after three days of work.  Most of the work was on the exterior of the dwelling, and the crew was finally able to evaluate the interior of the structure on Thursday.

The contractor reported piles of compacted trash that filled the home and nearly reached the ceiling. The contractor had hoped to finish the job by Saturday, but said he would need to work into next week because of the conditions in the dwelling.

There also have been reports that homeless have camped out in the home overnight since the cleanup began, and people were seen dumping trash on the property.  The Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) requested that the Honolulu Police Department increase patrols in the area, and also placed "No Trespassing" signs and yellow construction tape around the property to discourage people from entering.  The contractor also will board up the broken windows and secure the doors over the weekend.

"We're disappointed that some people continue to use this property as a public dump site and place to camp out," said Art Challacombe, DPP deputy director. "In addition to the increase police patrols, we're asking neighbors to watch out for illegal and suspicious activities at the home and to call 911."

Once the cleanup is completed, the contractor will again board up the broken windows of the dwelling and secure the doors to prevent illegal entry. The DPP also will consider legal actions, such as foreclosure, to recoup the cost of the clean up.

"We're hoping that someone, or a social service agency, will step forward and help the owner to maintain her property," Challacombe said. "We don't want the property to become a dumping ground again because the city cannot continue to clean up this private property."

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