Community Connection - Three Ring Ranch

Three Ring Ranch

Founded in 1998, Three Ring Ranch is a private, non-profit, exotic animal sanctuary located on five acres above Kona on the big island of Hawaii. It is home to zebras, monkeys, nene, hawks, owls, flamingos and reptiles, as well as many other rare, endangered and exotic creatures.

Licensed by the USDA, the 3RR is the only accredited Sanctuary in Hawaii by both the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and The American Sanctuary Association. Our mission is to positively impact the environment while educating Hawaii's children about their place in the natural world.

Our goal is to assist in the development of an environmentally responsible generation of youth. At the ranch we teach about the fragile ecosystem we impact on a daily basis, and give visitors a rare chance to see the animals up close. Our resident animals live out their natural lives at the facility. There is no other facility like ours anywhere in Hawaii. We have an all-volunteer staff of about 40.

For the past seventeen years, we have cared for Hawaii's native and endangered species and those exotic creatures already within the State who needed a safe refuge on our five-acre site. Our barn, hospital, aviaries, wetlands and fields serve a wide variety of animals. We currently care for over 150 animals and continue to grow. While we are not open to the general public like a zoo, we do however, offer regular educational tours for vacationing visitors.

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