Rancher says someone cut, crushed fence where cow escaped

Rancher says someone cut, crushed fence where cow escaped
Image source: Jason Wilson/Facebook
Image source: Jason Wilson/Facebook

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Bud Gibson spent Friday morning walking the fence line of his Palehua Ranch.  It didn't take long for him to figure out how one of his cows got loose.
On top of finding a section of fence someone had cut it seems highway maintenance crews created another problem.
"Whoever these workers were who cut these trees  and threw them on our fence, I mean come on.  They should have hauled it out or mulched
it and hauled it out.   They shouldn't have left it here," said Gibson.
Gibson estimates a 300-foot section of fence had been lowered after limbs and brush were tossed on top of it.  He believes it was done
within the last month or so.
"Here's where it looked like something came out," said Gibson.
The result: a pregnant cow worth more than $2,000 doing her best to avoid cars as they cruised down Farrington Highway.
Gibson was on the phone with two of his cowboys as things played out.  He says they almost had her when a man waving a belt showed up.  The cow got spooked and police opened fire.
"I'm sure he was trying to help but he didn't know what he was doing.  It would have been better if that  brother would have just stayed
out of there not got in the way.  Might have got her back in," said Gibson.
Meantime Gibson and a couple hands spent the afternoon mending fences in an effort to make sure the rest of his cows are safe.
Gibson says the cow didn't go to waste.  Someone was able to purchase it.

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