Local Connection: Scott Nago

By Rick Blangiardi

In baseball - the rule is three strikes and you're out.

But in the government of the state of Hawaii - three strikes means - you get a raise!

I'm talking about Elections division chief Scott Nago who was heavily criticized for three election controversies - A ballot shortage on Oahu, an uncounted precinct on Maui and his handling of the Puna voting which he delayed because of a tropical storm.

After all that…he got a 12 percent raise and a new four-year term.

Nago works for you and me…but is accountable to the state elections commission.

The disconnect here is pretty obvious.

If the voters of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii county got to vote on it, Nago would probably have been fired because the voters have lost confidence. He's a skilled technocrat not a motivational speaker and apparently public confidence in elections is not the elections commission's highest priority.

It should be people who don't trust the election system won't vote.  Our voter turnout here is pathetic enough without the people who run the elections making it worse.

Perhaps it's time to bring back the old system - where the elections administrator worked for the Lieutenant Governor.  At least in that way the person in charge, an elected official, had to worry at least a little bit about public trust.

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