Benjy Taylor Stays on Oahu, Takes Job as Brand Specialist at Audi

Benjy Taylor works as brand specialist at Audi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Former University of Hawaii Interim Head Men's Basketball Coach Benjy Taylor has gone from selling a Division I basketball program to selling cars as a brand specialist at Audi Hawaii.

      "It's been a tough transition in a lot of ways because I am a 47-year old freshman in the car business so you just have to be open minded about it and learn," said Taylor.

He is leading a new squad at Audi, taking some of his skills from the court to the showroom. "Coming from sports, I think he has that 'Teamship' mentality that is really good to have here at the dealership, " said co-worker Ryan Arcia.

      While Taylor doesn't feel like he is done coaching for good, he says he's turned down job offers to stay in Hawaii to be closer to his kids. "I have chased everyone else's kids for close to 25 years, some have been appreciative and some haven't, but I know my kids will so why not give these next few years to my kids," said Taylor.

     Taylor led the Rainbow Warriors to 22 wins and a Big West Championship Game last season -- and was stunned when the administration didn't ask him back. "No explanation that they would give would make any sense.  Fourth most wins in school history, one senior, no one expected us to do anything.  We galvanized the team, we galvanized the community," said Taylor.

      Taylor found the situation in Manoa was not ideal. "We had four ADs in five seasons and with the same middle management.There are 350 other division 1 schools, it would never happen."

     The former coach has moved on from his time at the University and looks forward to writing a new chapter in his life that may not involve basketball.
 Although I love it, that's the only thing I have ever done I still can be very successful at something else and hopefully this is it."