Pack of feral and starving dogs saved in Waianae

Pack of feral and starving dogs saved in Waianae

WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A pack of feral and starving dogs roaming a Waianae property are being saved and rescued.

The Oahu SPCA says this is the first pack of feral dogs discovered in more than two years.

27 canines were in the pack before the Oahu SPCA started rounding them up.

In their first day of rescues three puppies were saved and taken in.

The Oahu SPCA says the residents are unable to properly look after the animals.

Stephanie Ryan, a rescue team member, is grateful the dogs were found sooner rather than later.

"The condition that we found them was pretty deplorable. They were starving and without food or water and obviously the people didn't have the proper means to take care of them." Ryan said

The SPCA left food and supplies for the dogs they couldn't take in on their first day of rescues; they will return in the near future to save the rest of the pack.

The rescued animals will be treated by a veterinary team and trained so they can eventually be adopted.

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