Stores see run on A/C units ahead of heat

Stores see run on A/C units ahead of heat

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Friday afternoon the Department of Emergency Management issued an advisory asking folks to take it easy this weekend.

With temperatures predicted to feel close to 100 degrees air conditioners are flying out the door of home improvement stores.

"Our two more popular size A/C's are currently out of stock," said City Mill manager Carlos Martinez.

The start of summer coupled with what's expected to feel like triple digit heat has some shelves at City Mill cleaned out.

"We even had to sell the displays to satisfy our customers needs," said Martinez.

The run on A/C units doesn't end here Martinez says his local distributor is out too.  Right now they're waiting on a shipment to come in from the mainland.

"At least two weeks before they're back in stock," said Martinez.

Fans are another big seller.  Martinez says over the past week or so sales have easily doubled.

Outside folks are already starting to notice the change in the weather.

"It felt a lot more sticky," said Waikiki resident Erica Krucke.

Call it a lucky coincidence, 7-Eleven's national free Slurpee day is Saturday and here in Hawaii it couldn't come at a better time.
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