Bounty Hunters Dog and Beth Chapman named in lawsuit

Bounty Hunters Dog and Beth Chapman named in lawsuit

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii's celebrity bounty hunters Dog and Beth Chapman are heading to court.    A former cast member claims the couple ruined his life, so he's suing for $30 million dollars.

The defamation lawsuit was filed by rival bail bondsman Chuck Fisher in U-S District Court.   It accuses the Chapmans and their shows producers intentionally made him look like a crook and put him out of business.

"My name's Chuck Fisher.  I was the owner of Triple A local Bailbonds and Warrior bailbonds," said Fisher on last year's episode.

One year ago, with cameras rolling, Chuck Fisher and his 14-year old son packed up and left Hawaii.  The Fishers move to Texas was a featured story line last season on CMT's "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt."   In the episode "Paradise Lost" Fisher turns over his then-struggling bailbond business to the Chapmans.

"Beth and Dog got on their white horse rode in and saved me,." Fisher said in the broadcast.

But since the airing of the show Fisher's changed his tune.   He says the story that aired portrayed him as a crook on the run, not a businessman down on his luck.

"Chucky has written almost $1 million dollars worth of bonds in 60 days," said Dog Chapman in the show.  "And he didn't pay the insurance company a dime.  Nothing."   Beth Chapman followed with, ""It's basically a felony."

"Since that aired I can't get anybody to answer my phone calls," said Fisher. "They literally shut me down."

Now living in San Antonio,  Fisher says the accusations of criminal wrongdoing that aired are a lie.   He claims the show's portrayal of him amounts to slander and libel.  Beth Chapman says the suit is just another desperate attempt by Fisher to get money and fame.

"He's tried to sell us out to he National Enquirer and to other tabloids for $500 dollars, a thousand dollars, whatever the case may be," explained Beth.   "We wish Chuck the best, but a bail bondsman he should never be.".

Both sides disagree about the facts surrounding Fisher's departure.    And while Fisher's claims contradict what happens on the show whether or not his case has any merit is up for a judge to decide.