HPD to get case involving lawmaker attacked by homeless teens

HPD to get case involving lawmaker attacked by homeless teens

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The criminal case against two homeless teens accused of beating up a State Representative, is being sent to the Honolulu Police Department.

The Attorney General's office has been investigating the case that left Representative Tom Brower with a head injury, road rash, and bruised ribs.

"I hit the ground and I was scraped and bloody, says Brower, "I got up, and got hit a few more times and there was a lot of blood."

Brower still has the bloodied shirt he was wearing on June 29th when he was taking pictures of the growing homeless camp in Kakaako.

17-year old Isaiah Totoa and 14-year old Jonah Iose admitted to the assault on Hawaii News Now that night.

"We don't like that when people come and do that without permission. So we asked him nicely if he could put down his camera," says Totoa.

The boys also admitted to taking Brower's Sony camera.  Brower said he began recording the attack but when law enforcement returned the camera, Brower says the video and pictures he took of the camp, had been deleted.

Brower still has a scar above his right eye, road rash on his left hand, and bruising on his ribs from the beating.  He says there were more than just two people who attacked him and witnesses have come forward corroborating that statement, but only Totoa and Iose apologized.

The Attorney General's Office has been investigating for the past 11 days, but because Brower wasn't seriously hurt, the theft and assault cases are misdemeanors and will be sent to HPD.

"I am waiting for more details and I would like to talk to law enforcement one more time," says Brower when asked about the change.

Brower is known for his controversial approaches to dealing with the homeless issue.

In 2013, he made national headlines for smashing shopping carts.

But he says he harbors no anger toward the homeless teens who attacked him and is unsure if he even wants the case to move forward.

"On some levels, I think what's done is done," he says.