Board of Ethics dismisses complaint against Kenoi

Board of Ethics dismisses complaint against Kenoi

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - The Board of Ethics has dismissed a complaint alleging political favoritism against Mayor Billy Kenoi and his former campaign manager Kimo Alameda. The board confirmed Wednesday that Kenoi hadn't been involved in Alameda's appointment as the Office of Aging's executive, and that Alameda has the experience required for the position.

On Wednesday, the board also cleared Hawaii County Finance Director Deanna Sako of wrongdoing stemming from another complaint filed in April against Kenoi over the misuse of his county-issued credit card.

Kapaau resident Lanric Hyland filed both complaints.

The Board of Ethics has reopened a case against Kenoi that it had deferred pending an investigation by Attorney General Dough Chin. They remain in dispute over whether they should continue investigating Kenoi's pCard use or wait for Chin's investigation.

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