HPU's Gina Brewer celebrates Women's World Cup win with friend Hope Solo

HPU's Gina Brewer celebrates WWC with friend Hope Solo

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This year's Women's World Cup shattered TV records with over 20 million people tuning in.  But, Hawaii Pacific University Head Women's Soccer Coach Gina Brewer was one of the lucky few to watch live as the U.S. Women's Soccer team claimed their third World Cup with a 5-2 victory over Japan, all while cheering on her friend, U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo.

Brewer and Solo met at the University of Washington, where they both played soccer. They remained close friends since their collegiate days in the late 90's, and Gina says watching Hope excel on the international stage is still a thrill. "You sit there and when the ball gets there and she is going to have to make a big save you get a little bit more nervous or a little more excited once she makes the big save. It's such an awesome experience to watch that as a friend and as a former teammate to be able to cheer her on," says Brewer.

But, Gina's trip to Canada awns't all play, she mixed in some recruiting for the Sharks as well.  Gina says, "obviously this is a fantastic place and you know being in Hawaii at a fantastic school so we get a lot of players that show interest from everywhere in the world including Canada, so I made the best of my time while I was there."

And after an eventful summer Gina will have plenty of stories to tell her team when the season picks up later this fall.