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Woman with amnesia who recalled living in Hawaii reunited with family

Image source: FBI/Interpol Image source: FBI/Interpol

A woman who had no memory of who she was but recalled living in Hawaii has been identified as 53-year-old Ashley Manetta from Pennsylvania.

Manetta's nephew saw news reports of the identity plight and immediately phoned his mother that the mysterious woman was “Aunt Ashley,” according to NBC 7 in San Diego, Calif. The FBI took the tip to Manetta and her friend, and a heartwarming reunion ensued.

The FBI has yet to officially confirm, however, if the woman is who her family claims she is. 

First responders in Carlsbad found Manetta in distress in February and transported her to a hospital where she had no recollection of her name, age, family or friends. Doctors later diagnosed her with ovarian cancer and said the amnesia stemmed from a tumor.

Manetta spoke with English and Australian accents, according to news reports, saying memories of living in Australia and Hawaii were very familiar to her.

She went by the name "Sam" on a Facebook page to spread the word about her story and to seek help in identifying her. 

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